Our teachers

Teachers with excellent teaching skills

Teachers with expertise in their subjects and years of experience will give you full support for your Japanese Study.


Shimata Mami

Practicing again and again is the best way to learn the language, so let's practice patiently as we all learn together.

Misaki Noriko

I help you improve your Japanese language skills while also giving cultural and historical perspectives.

Chiba Toshiyuki

Your goal may be to master the Japanese language, but I hope this encourages you to think beyond and into your next step in life.

Shioi Sayaka

Through understanding languages and cultures of other countries, we help students get over difficulties specific to their linguistic background.

Suzuki Takayo

We will give you advice and support if you want to go to a university or a graduates school, or find employment in Japan.

Wachi Takako

Thinking too hard will make things more complicated than they need to be. Have fun with your life in Japan, and let's make studying Japanese interesting.

Ikawa Kazumi

Not only do I teach how to read and write in Japanese,I also make it a point to get students interested in Japanese culture.


Yasuda Masayuki

Leaving own country and coming to Japan to study is not easy, but I hope you continue with your efforts in order to make your dreams come true.

Hashimoto Jun

When you have any problems, please come and talk to us rather than facing it alone. We will help and support you.

Kanaoka Sho

We hope you make a lot of friends who have the same goal of learning the Japanese language. Let's have fun studying.

Shibata Yoshiko
[In charge of All Student guidance]

In Osaka, there are many types of delicious foods and many fun places to visit. People here are kind and friendly, so we hope you find it comfortable here.

Yasui Kayo

here are a lot of students from all over the world in our school. In addition to learning the Japanese language, there are opportunities to learn and be exposed to cultures of other countries.

Fujiwara Naohiro

There are four seasons in Japan, which makes the expression of the language and culture variegated. Please look forward for the changing of every season here.

Yagi Keita

We whole-hertedly support everyone in making their dreams coome true.Let's overcome those obstacles and head towards those dreame together.

Lee Minah

Osaka is in the center of Kansai ,and the public transportation is efficient.Please try paying a visit to Kyoto,Nara,or even Kobe on weekends.