Course Information

A curriculum customized to your skill, 
goals, and duration of study.

We provide comprehensive long term courses for mastering Japanese, as well as short-term courses for improving your abilities. The long term courses focus on the 4 basic skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking; as well as providing support for your career path.
The short term courses are designed for developing a solid Japanese foundation, or to give you a brush-up on your current skills.

Long-term Course (more than 1 year)

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The long-term course makes the student eligible to obtain a student visa. The course is designed to develop the 4 basic Japanese skills- reading, writing, listening and speaking.
Kansai College provides excellent academic support for the student's career.
In addition, you will be awarded the Diploma (authorized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(MEXT), Japan) which entitles you to the qualification to transfer to the 4-year Universities in Japan after completing 2 year-course.

April enrollment

1 year course Japanese Course A
2 year course Comprehensive Japanese Course A
Students who studied Japanese for one year at another Japanese institute in Japan Postgraduate Japanese Course

October enrollment

1.5 year course Japanese Course B
2 year course Comprehensive Japanese Course B

Courses begin in April, June, October and January.

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Standard Curriculum

A wide range of classes including electives are offered, from which you can choose depending on your future goals.

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