Frequently asked questions

Q1. What qualifications do I need to enter Kansai College?
The applicants must be 18 years of age or more, and have completed, or are expected to complete 12-year or the equivalent of curriculum at high schools before the enrolment date. Additionally, please remind that, for your admission, the ability to pay for the tuition, to be strongly motivated to study and to have strong purpose of studying Japanese are required.
Q2. I’ve heard that there is a course that I can obtain a "Technical Associate Degree" after graduate at Kansai College. What is "Technical Associate Degree"?
The Diploma is the title for whom the students who have completed specific courses at vocational schools in Japan and also authorized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(MEXT), Japan. In our school, students who have completed 2-year course will be awarded the Diploma. The Diploma entitles you to the qualification to transfer to the 4-year Universities in Japan.
Q3. Do you offer any scholarships?
There are some scholarships programs such as Japan Student Services Organization Scholarship, Kansai College Scholarship and so on. About 30 students receive the these scholarships every year.
Q4. How can I apply for enrollment and a student visa?
You need to fill out the designated application forms and show financial ability, a relationship between your financial supporter, academic records, Japanese learning experience and so on. Please contact us for more details.
Q5. Tell me about elective classes.
Purpose to learn Japanese is different in every student, so we offer elective classes according to students’ needs. At Kansai College, a student can choose 6 hours of elective classes each week such as classes for JLPT exam and EJU exam, TOEFL, PC Training, Japanese Conversation, Audio-Visual, Current Japan and so on.