Letters from Graduates

Mr. Kim Do Heon

Since I have visited Japan several times due to work, the Japanese languages has become essential for me. Therefore I attentively searched for good schools in which to study.
I was looking for a school that has a good curriculum and an environment that allowed me to continue my studies in the business field after graduation.
Fortunately, I found Kansai College! ‘Listen a lot and speak a lot’ is a jingle in a certain Japanese commercial that everyone living in Japan knows.
Thanks to the fulfilling lessons provided by friendly teachers, I have been able to reach my goals of speaking Japanese.
I went on to continue my studies at Kansai College and I am currently job hunting.
If you are thinking of studying Japanese, choose a school that aims at the motto ‘Listen a lot and speak a lot’

Nationality: Korea (Kansai College of Business and Languages)

I'm very glad that I got to experience the 210-hour short-term course at Kansai College. The teachers are passionate about our classes, and are very attentive to the students' progress in their studies. I was here for only 3 months, but my Japanese improved a lot compared to when I had first arrived. I was relived to find that I was able to get a long with students from other countries and cultural background. We made great memories together. I hope to come here again in the future, and participate in the long-term program.

Nationality: Hong Kong (Kansai Design Zokei College)

There were times when I thought I was going to be overwhelmed, as I was living in unfamiliar surroundings, while studying for graduate school at the same time.
However, to make my dream come true, the staff and teachers gave me sincere and personal support even after class. I was able to push myself and make it all the way through.

Nationality :Indonesia (Shiga University of Medical Science graduate school)
Ms. Kim Eun Jung

At the guidance sessions, I acquired the necessary knowledge and preparation for moving on to university. Performing mock interviews allowed me to practice the proper procedure for interviews, hear what questions might be asked, and how to answer those questions.
Because of the teacher's support and the school's system, I was able to gain admission to the university I desired.

Nationality :China (Kansai University)

I always had an interest in design, but there were so many different schools to choose from. The staff and teachers helped me to look for the best place that would fit me.
They helped me by answering my questions in detail, and I was able to choose a school that was right for me. Now, I am having a great time studying design.

Nationality :Taiwan (OCA Osaka College of Design and IT)

I wanted to improve my Japanese skills as quickly as possible, so I chose Kansai College of Business and Languages, for its extensive hours and variety of classes. In the morning, I studied the fundamentals and in the afternoon I took elective classes that helped me to work on my difficulities. I was able to study effectively and passed the entrance exam for college.

Nationality :China (Osaka University)

For international students wanting to enter college in japan, it's not only important to study Japanese, but also other subjects. Kansai College of Business and Languages provided classes that helped me to understand the culture better, and to improve the skills I was having trouble with. Choosing this school was the best choice I made to make my dreams come true.

Nationality:Taiwan (Kwansei Gakuin University University)

As an international student, it was hard to gather information about other schools.
However, the career counseling sessions at Kanasai College allowed me to find a vocational college that I wanted to attend.
They provided me with a lot of information and taught me how to get the results I want for my future.

Nationality :Taiwan (Tsuji Institute of Patisserie)
Ms. Cho Hyun Jin

I needed better Japanese skills and knowledge about the culture in order to succeed in my studies at technical school. That is why I chose Kansai College.
My class teacher gave me guidance, and the office staff offered kind advice. The support helped my daily life in Japan and it also gave me strength to go on with my future plans.

Nationality :Korea (Tsuji Culinary Institute)

Financial concerns can be a big issue for international students. Since this school is a vocational college, there are many students who have received scholarships, as I have.
Because of this, I was able to concentrate and maintain confidence during my studies.

Nationality :Korea (Doshisha University graduate school)
Ms.Son Ji Yeon

"Hard work always pays off." This is how I felt when I received a scholarship from Kansai College. Since then, I have been able to work hard not only in my studies but also in my personal life. My parents often tell me that I've grown up so much.

Nationality: Taiwan (Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry)

Managing tuition, daily expenses, and transportation fee on top of all that can be very demanding for international students. However, all students at Kansai College are able to buy monthly commuter passes at close to half the original price, so my friends from other schools were very jealous.

Nationality :Hong Kong (Employed in Japan)

I believe having a part-time job has two rewarding outcomes for an international student. Naturally, the first once is the ability to live comfortably. It's important to be able to cover those daily expenses. The second is being able to communicate with the local people in Japanese. I enjoyed the cultural exchange and it helped me improve my Japanese.

Nationality :China (Kobe University graduate school)
Mr. Park Sung Ung

Throughout the year, Kansai College of Business and Languages holds many fun events outside of class.
There are hiking, sports tournaments and so on, but what left the biggest impression on me was the school trip.
Though this trip, I was able to make many new friends from different countries and create a lot of memories.

Nationality: Korea (Kansai College of Business and Languages Japanese-Korean Interpretation & Translation)