Student's Privileges

There are financial advantages that 
a vocational college can provide.

International students studying in a long-term Japanese course have the opportunity to receive official support from the Ministry of Education, Osaka Prefecture, and Osaka City.
In addition, student commuter passes and various student discounts that can only be obtained from a vocational college are available.

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Free Admission to 
Cultural and 
Educational Facilities
Monthly Student 
Commuter Pass
Student Discount 

Free Admission to Cultural and Educational Facilities

Provided by International House Foundation Osaka *sponsored by Osaka city
Awarded to Any Kansai College student who has a college-student visa and lives in Osaka city
Tickets allowing free access to 38 designated cultural/educational facilities are distributed to the international students

Facility List :
Broadcast Culture Museum, Ibaraki Kawabata Yasunari Culture Museum, Ibaraki Cultural Property Museum, Japanese Old House and Village Museum, Hattorir-yokuchi Botanic Garden, Itsuo Art Museum, Minoo Park Museum of Insects, Museum of Oriental Ceramics Osaka, Osaka Science Museum?Osaka Castle Museum, Osaka Castle Nishi-no-naru Garden, Osaka Museum of History, Osaka International Peace Center, Yuki Museum of Art, Osaka Prefectural Museum of Kamigata Comedy and Performing Arts, Modern Transportation Museum, Tennoji Park, Osaka Municipal Museum of Art, Tennoji Zoo, Shitennouji Museum of Treasures, Osaka Human Rights Museum, Sakuya-Konohana Botanic Garden, Nagai Botanical Gardens, Osaka Museum of Natural History, Osaka Prefectural Senboku Archaeological Museum, Sakai City Museum, Sakai Daisenn Park Japanese Garden, Kotani Castle Museum, Osaka Prefectural Museum of Yayoi Culture, Kuboso Memorial Museum of Arts Izumi, Old Sugiyama Family’s House (national important cultural asset), Osaka Prefectural Flowers Garden, Yao Museum of Races and History, Higashi Osaka Museum of Archaeology, Osaka Prefectural Chikatsu-Asuka Museum, Shiba Ryoutaro, Botanical Gardens Faculty of Science Osaka City University

Monthly Student Commuter Pass

Provided by Public transportation facilities in the Kansai area
Awarded to Students studying long-term Japanese course at Kansai College
A long-term student of Kansai College is able to purchase monthly train passes at the student concession price (about 50% of the normal price)

Student Discount Service

Provided by Public transportation facilities in the Kansai are
Awarded to Students studying long-term Japanese course at Kansai College
A great opportunity to understand Japanese culture by visiting attractive places during summer and winter holiday in Japan. 20% discount train tickets can be purchased by a long-term student at most public transportation facilities such as the JR train. (applicable only for more than 100km or more one way)
The Graduate's Voice Letters from Graduates

Managing tuition, daily expenses, and transportation fee on top of all that can be very demanding for international students. However, all students at Kansai College are able to buy monthly commuter passes at close to half the original price, so my friends from other schools were very jealous.

Mr.LU XIAO FENG/Nationality :China(went further study at Kansai University)
The Graduate's Voice Letters from Graduates

I've always had an interest in Japanese traditions and culture. Having chosen this school in the Kansai area made me so thankful of the opportunity to see so many of Osaka Prefecture's cultural and historical places for free.
I often went on weekends and after school, during my free time, and was able to reach out and touch the Japanese culture

Mr.LARS NIKLAS ROSANDER/Nationality :Sweden (went back to country and found a job)