Enjoy your life in the Second Campus.

We provide various housing options including private apartments secured at discount rates for international students, so that you can be at ease during your studies.

Recommended student dormitory

Dormy Oji

Initial expenses ¥66,000~¥100,000
Rent (includes breakfast and dinner) ¥48,000~(2食付)
Student Voice

There is a caretaker here, so I always felt safe. Meals are included too so I could spend time studying instead of cooking.

Patitta Kaewsojarit(Thailand)

Apartment--Studio type

Velde Abeno

Initial expenses ¥170,000~¥190,000
Rent ¥45,000~

Wisteria Heights

Initial expenses ¥170,000~¥190,000
Rent ¥42,000~

Regale Nagai Park

Initial expenses ¥170,000~¥190,000
Rent ¥37,000~

Grand Heights Yuzato

Initial expenses ¥170,000~¥190,000
Rent ¥37,000~

Star 21

Initial expenses ¥170,000~¥190,000
Rent ¥38,000~

Again Fuminosato

Initial expenses ¥170,000~¥190,000
Rent ¥53,000~

Detailed information on apartments (including rent and initial cost info) can be downloaded in the PDF format.If Adobe Acrobat Reader is not yet installed, please view PDF file after the application has been downloaded.

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