Greetings from the Principal

A high demand for 
language professionals in a new era

Tennoji English Academy, the former school of Kansai College of Business and Languages was established in 1967, while following the slogan; ‘Language opens the future’. The college is based on a vocational business college offering foreign language education especially focused on practical English. Since the Tennoji Academy of Business and Languages was renamed to Kansai College of Business and Languages, school curriculums has been expanded to wide range of education fields, such as foreign language and international culture in the business. In 1989, The Dept. of Japanese Studies was established for providing Japanese language education to international students and Japanese returnees. Since then, Kansai College has been accepting thousands of students from all over the world.

Living in the 21 century, we have been facing extremely rapid changes everyday; especially towards IT revolution. Emails are flying to all over the world in a moment and people living in the other side of the earth can attend a meeting through the internet…. Using different language is not just a special skill, it’s becoming a matter of course. Do not just study Japanese, I would really like you to learn ‘Living Japanese’ and open a bright future for yourself.

We promise to offer you an ideal learning environment and looking forward to seeing you at Kansai College soon.

Akira Hayahara
Head Director