Fascinating Kansai!

  • To Kansai International Airport 31mins (By JR Airport Express Haruka ※You need to pay express fee)
  • To JR 「Osaka」 station 22mins
    From JR 「Osaka」 station to 「Kyoto」 station 29mins
    From JR 「Osaka」 station to 「Sannomiya(Kobe)」station 31mins
  • To JR 「Nara」 station 36mins

The four big cities of"Kansai" have totally different characteristics. Energetic "Osaka", cultural and traditional "Kyoto", Japan's first capital "Nara", andthe exotic port city of "Kobe".
In contrast to centralized Tokyo, Kansai has a wide range of interesting places and experiences for you. Let's have fun as international students in fascinating Kansai!

Osaka: a cosmopolitan city with it's own original culture and history.

Kansai International Airport

Osaka Castle

Osaka Business Park

Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN

Osaka has prospered as one of the oldest cities in Japan and isstill developing into one of Japan's representative industial cities of modern times. In1994, Kansai International Airport(the first sirport in Japan to be operated 24 hours a day) opened to foreign trade.
Also, the first Universal Studio Japan in Asia opened in 2001 in Osaka. Our city had grown to be an international city with many foreign visitors. Osaka is a very attractive city with 1400 years of history, with many historical landmarks and tourist facilities utilizing the latest technology.

Kanai College is located in the center of Osaka and main transportation systems are centralized near the school(JR,Subway and Kintetsu line)
It takes only 5 mins to walk from Tennoji station to Kansai College.

  • 3 mins walk from the ticket gate of JR Tennoji station. East Exit about 150m south from Matsuzaki Exit.
  • 3 mins walk from the ticket gate of Midosuji subway line, Tennoji station East Exit about 150m south from the Matsuzaki Exit(Exit 4 leads to the Matsuzaki Exit)
  • 3 mins walk from the ticket gate of the Kintetsu south Osaka line, Abenobashi station East Exit about 150m south from the Matsuzaki Exit.
  • 5 mins walk from the ticket gate of the Tanimachi subway line, Abeno station North Exit. Take Exit#1 and before hitting the Mizuho Trust & Banking, turn right.

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